8 Marketing Reasons Why Most Companies Generate Poor Quality Leads

There are 8 common marketing problems shared by most companies and whilst not every company experiences all the problems at the same time, it is fair to assume that we have all encountered these issues in the past.

Below is an abridged version of Jonathan Calver’s fine White Paper on Marketing Efficiencies. If you would like to download the paper Click here Read the rest of this entry »

Lost Opportunity

Businesses lose thousands every day through ineffective telemarketing.

No matter how well trained or dedicated, telemarketing professionals without proper support and pre-planning will lose opportunities and marketing investment will be wasted. The damage will be significant: poor telemarketing execution damages reputations. There are brands and companies synonymous with ‘hard sell’: you do not want to be counted amongst them.

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Effective Telemarketing

Most telemarketing is ineffective.

Yet in a triumph of hope over experience companies still persist, using a mixture of false logic and assumption to justify the spend. Part of the problem rests with telemarketing agencies themselves. Telemarketing is frequently sold by the man-day. It is simply not in the agencies’ interest to be too successful: it reduces the number of days worked. This has lead to a situation where standard industry performance (80 calls per day, one appointment booked) is seen as acceptable.

This ‘standard’ performance represents failure. It is perfectly possible to regularly deliver call ratios of 1 to 2. That is one appointment for every two telephone calls completed.

And this is how to do it….

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Why Telemarketing Fails

Telemarketing gets a bad press. And deservedly so.

Often costly, frequently delivering dreadful results: it’s surprising that we have a telemarketing industry at all. Yet despite years of evidence, companies continue to spend thousands on this activity.

When it comes to telemarketing there appears to be a ‘Lottery Mentality’. Organisations suspend logic in the hope that one day they will get lucky.

This article identifies why most telemarketing fails and what can be done to improve results. Read the rest of this entry »

eCommerce Made Simple

It’s the dream: set up a web shop, fill it with exciting new products, make checkout and shipping easy, sit back and wait for the millions to roll in.

But success is never simple. Read the rest of this entry »

Winning New Business

Last week we promised we would show you how digital marketing can help you compete for and win new business. The following article is the result of over ten years experience, thousands of successful client campaigns (and quite a few successful campaigns of our own). It should help you design and execute your own revenue generating activity.

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Websites for business

If your website was created eight months ago it is unlikely to be effective: because Google has deemed it to be out of date.

By autumn last year, Google’s Real Time Web Search had started to deliver results based upon timeliness and relevance. Which means that, if you do not update content frequently, your visibility to search engines will suffer. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook is dangerous for business

Facebook can be dangerous for business.

Many organisations have rushed blindly into putting up a facebook page and engaging via Twitter without analysing the potential downside. Just like any powerful tool, facebook has to be treated with care; there are benefits but get it wrong and your organisation could lose money and reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy, Accurate Intelligence

Market research is vital.

It enables organisations of all sizes to estimate future profitability, plan new products, services and determine what competitors are doing today.

If only getting accurate, timely intelligence was that easy.

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Blogging for business

Blogging is a low priority for most mature businesses. They prefer to focus on getting a good website up, some search engine optimisation , email activity and a lot of traditional off-line events. (If it ain’t broke, why fix it?). Read the rest of this entry »

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