Communication for Professionals

Most professional organisations agree that meaningful conversations build relationships and business.

Yet many have difficulty initiating or maintaining business dialogues. ‘Classic lead generation’ activities (telemarketing, email prospecting et al) are just not appropriate in a professional environment. It is a dilemma that few have solved.

Modern communication tools complicate rather than simplify the situation. In a fluid and evolving communications landscape, partners and marketing professionals continually attempt to answer several questions concurrently.

Typically those charged with marketing a professional organisation will focus on tactical matters:

1.    Can we use eMail to engage new clients and if so, how?
2.    How effective are pay-per-click systems like Google Adwords?
3.    Is our website visible enough, should we invest more in SEM?
4.    Under what circumstances may we tele-prospect for new business?


However, professional organisations should focus on one strategic question:

‘How does my organisation initiate and maintain meaningful dialogue with prospects and clients?’

We answer this question focusing on four communication pillars:

1.    Ethos: The organisation and its interaction with its commercial environment.
2.    Architecture: The design and deployment of communication tools and assets.
3.    Expedite: Active management of campaigns, resources and responsibilities.
4.    Action: Follow-up of engaged individuals and ‘closed loop’ reporting.

The aim is to build a communications structure and processes that not only build your organisation’s reputation but also increases the strength and depth of your commercial relationships. We will help you explore the basic principles behind your communications strategy. We will show you what tools other organisations use to expedite their campaigns. We will also share with you how communications assets are created and deployed.

All of our work is based upon one simple premise:  for professional service organisations, relationships need to be built before any business can be won.

Build relationship before business

The explosion of communication methods creates complexity for anyone charged with marketing professional services or high technology. A communications revolution has already started. By focusing on the basic principles and applying them to complex situations we hope to help you revolutionise your corporate communications.

Next week our first instalment will examine communication Ethos; what it means and why it is important. We will provide case studies detailing the impact when organisations get it wrong. We will also show you how some organisations have implemented a robust communications framework which enables ‘on brand’ content to be created by many.

Please feel free to comment or pick up the ‘phone if you would like to discuss any aspect of this post in greater detail.

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APM Digital generates business for clients. Our unique, knowledge based information gathering campaigns open meaningful dialogue with decision makers. We deliver qualified opportunities and set appointments for your field sales teams.

Why we are different:

  • 1. In house MBA qualified sales professionals
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  • 3. Over 10 years of B2B marketing experience
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  • 5. Prestigious and happy long term clients

Services Include:

  • a. Commercial Intelligence
  • b. Key Account Intelligence
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