Effective Selling

Most salespeople miss their targets.

Or put another way: most salespeople fail.

This appalling situation has a detrimental effect on morale, individuals and ultimately the business. The paradox is that sales professionals are by nature competitive; they love winning. The financial and personal benefits associated with hitting the numbers means that they will pull out all the stops to make their targets.

So why are so many failing?

Often businesses blame poor selling skills (but given the financial reward, most salespeople hone their skills to perfection). Salespeople often blame the products, the company or marketing (but most products can be sold and marketing will produce leads).

The real reason sales professionals miss targets because too much time is taken in unproductive activity.

Being Productive

It might sound too simplistic but to hit targets salespeople need to meet prospects only when there is a qualified opportunity. This reduces the actual number of meetings attended and allows the salesperson to focus their attention on managing the opportunity.

Unfortunately salespeople often waste hours and days on non-productive opportunities. One of the greatest wastes is cold calling or prospecting. It does not make economic sense for salespeople to do their own lead and meeting generation. Look at the numbers:

Sales person’s target: £500,000

Average Sale: £20,000

With a generous 1 in 4 win ratio, to hit target your salesperson needs to make 8 good sales appointments per month. If they are generating their own meetings (and just allowing one day per week for the activity) they are likely to average just 4 good sales meetings per month. i.e. they will only hit 50% of target.

Increasing the number of days spent prospecting simply reduces the number of days available for meetings and administration.

Organise for success

Getting field sales professionals in front of qualified prospects is the surest way of hitting targets. But they need support to achieve this.

Telesales teams: internal or external can develop the opportunities needed for your teams to hit their targets but they also need support and direction. Cold calling by telemarketers does not guarantee a stream of well qualified meetings. Targeting these teams simply on numbers can result in poor quality meetings and more unproductive activity.

The surest way of generating qualified opportunities is by co-ordinating marketing and telemarketing efforts. Knowledge based digital marketing campaign will identify individuals with an interest in your proposition. Your telemarketing team are then in a position to call, further qualify and set appointments where appropriate.

Separate appointment setting and field sales, provide marketing support, co-ordinate the activity and you will have a sales team that is motivated, happy and exceeds its targets.

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