Effective Telemarketing

Most telemarketing is ineffective.

Yet in a triumph of hope over experience companies still persist, using a mixture of false logic and assumption to justify the spend. Part of the problem rests with telemarketing agencies themselves. Telemarketing is frequently sold by the man-day. It is simply not in the agencies’ interest to be too successful: it reduces the number of days worked. This has lead to a situation where standard industry performance (80 calls per day, one appointment booked) is seen as acceptable.

This ‘standard’ performance represents failure. It is perfectly possible to regularly deliver call ratios of 1 to 2. That is one appointment for every two telephone calls completed.

And this is how to do it….

Three conditions for success

In last week’s article ‘Why telemarketing fails‘ we identified three conditions that have to be in place before the telemarketing call is made:

  1. Call the right number (the decision maker’s direct dial).
  2. Catch the decision maker at the right time (make sure they are in ‘buying mode’).
  3. Have the right conversation (be on the same page).

If any one of these conditions is not met the call is likely to result in failure.

How humans make friends

No one is going to sign a six figure cheque for your product or service unless they trust your organisation and have the confidence that you can deliver on your promises. Put simply; they have to build a relationship with your company. Most cold calling takes place when there is no relationship.

Information led marketing can help you start to build that relationship. This relies upon good quality, useful material being made available to your target market. Interested individuals will access the information, comment on the content and start to build a relationship with your organisation. We can track this activity. This approach has several built-in advantages:

  1. The information you provide enhances your organisation’s reputation for thought leadership in the marketplace.
  2. Interested individuals build a relationship with your organisation: they are more likely to accept a ‘phone call.
  3. Sales professionals can track individual’s interest in subjects, making the call more focused.
  4. Time is not wasted calling the vast majority of the database (who have no interest or need for your product today).
  5. We can identify, through browsing patterns, organisations and individuals entering the buying cycle.
  6. The number of sales enquiries increases (yes, prospects will call you and request meetings).
  7. Good quality information positions you as a business partner: not just a cold calling salesperson.

It ain’t rocket science but it does need co-ordination and work

Of course many companies use a blend of consultative solution selling, white papers and case studies to generate leads. Often with mixed results. Success relies on planning, co-ordination and infrastructure. There is little point in exciting interest only to follow-up several days later. Timeliness is everything.

Campaigning must be blended to include passive and active marketing. Reliance on one channel (PPC, Social, eMail) will reduce the number of opportunities generated. Finally any white papers, case studies and ROI calculators that are commissioned need to developĀ a logical and compelling business argument.

Our final article in the series looks at the infrastructure, systems and working practices organisations need to develop to deliver effective telemarketing.

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