Identifying Opportunity

Salespeople have a hard time.

If you are lucky they will join your organisation with a network of contacts that will help them generate immediate revenue. It may even be enough to cover their first quarter’s wages. However, there comes a point where the low hanging fruit runs out and opportunity generation gets a whole lot more difficult.

Traditional prospecting soaks up newly appointed sales professionals’ time. Attendance at trade shows is time consuming and expensive. But it will help the salesperson connect with several potential clients. Cold calling can be soul destroying (and not particularly productive) but it sometimes delivers results.

The problem is that while salespeople are concentrating on generating opportunities, they are unlikely to progress many sales. In addition, the skill set employed in prospecting is different to the skills required for face to face meetings. So whilst the pipeline of potential meetings is being built, skills are getting rusty and new business revenue is non-existent or at best, minimal.

Field salespeople are most effective when they are in front of potential customers (not when they are researching a database). Separating prospecting from field sales releases your newly appointed sales professional from the drudgery of cold calling and lead nurturing. They get to focus on what they are good at: selling (after all, it is what they get paid for).

Internal salespeople (or an appointed agency) can quickly build databases: verifying email addresses and direct dial telephone numbers. When combined with well structured knowledge based lead nurturing campaigns, internal salespeople can identify potential opportunities and set appointments. Prospects are more likely to agree to a meeting if it is arranged by the individual with whom they have had an ongoing dialogue. So it makes sense to transfer a lead once the appointment has been arranged.

Separating the two distinct disciplines of opportunity generation with sales progression will improve performance. Individuals can hone their respective skills and the whole sales process becomes far more productive.

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