Payment by Results

Many companies struggle to get a regular flow of good quality opportunities for their salespeople. The main reasons for this failure are:

  1. Poor quality or difficult to use database.
  2. Limited regular and consistent marketing.
  3. Ineffective cold calling by sales professionals.
  4. Mixed experiences with traditional telemarketing.

It all adds up to limited numbers of new business meetings, weakened pipelines and missed targets.

What do Salespeople Want?

Salespeople simply want to do what they do well: sell. And they want as many opportunities to sell as they can sensibly manage. Time taken researching names or cold calling prospects is wasted; it could be put to better use in face to face meetings with qualified prospects.

To be effective your field sales professionals need regular new business appointments with individuals who represent an opportunity. i.e. They have a budget, authority, need and a timescale.

Effective Opportunity Generation

Over the past eight years we have run knowledge based campaigns to subscribers in the UK, EMEA and the USA. Our White Papers and Case Studies, have been written for companies as diverse as IBM, Computer Associates and Siemens. They are read by senior business people. We have built up good relationships and great insights with our readers, many of whom have become clients (or clients of clients).

We have also built up reliable, actionable, business intelligence.

Our systems register when individuals access information and a picture built up over time enables us to identify when individuals and organisations move into the buying cycle.

We call it ‘digital body language’.

Making contact with senior executives when they are ready to explore business solutions is a very effective way of developing opportunities.

What does ‘good’ look like?

An APM Digital lead has been qualified in two ways: first we track behaviour (actions speak louder than words) and see what interests individuals. Then we engage, when the prospect is actively reviewing material and qualify the opportunity fully. If appropriate we will then ‘pencil in’ an appointment.

This is what an APM Digital lead looks like:

Payment by Results

Our payment by results offering is a true win – win – win situation. Our clients win: they only pay for opportunities and meetings they want to progress (if you do not accept the lead, you do not pay). We are incentivised to secure our clients the best possible meetings and finally, the prospects win because they get to speak with knowledgeable salespeople about products and solutions they are interested in.

And our large, warm and responsive database of senior executives ensures that our clients get the best quality opportunities.

If you would like to get more information on our Payment by Results service, call 01252 620206 or email:

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APM Digital generates business for clients. Our unique, knowledge based information gathering campaigns open meaningful dialogue with decision makers. We deliver qualified opportunities and set appointments for your field sales teams.

Why we are different:

  • 1. In house MBA qualified sales professionals
  • 2. Large and responsive database of decision makers in several market verticals
  • 3. Over 10 years of B2B marketing experience
  • 4. Systems that automate and co-ordinate lead generation
  • 5. Prestigious and happy long term clients

Services Include:

  • a. Commercial Intelligence
  • b. Key Account Intelligence
  • c. Market Intelligence