Commercial Research

Commercial Research

Insight that is hard to obtain and of high value, Commercial Intelligence is many things to many people. However, for the executive and the organisation concerned, CI is very specific and time sensitive. Our Commercial Intelligence offering starts by agreeing the information you require and timescale. Recent projects have included:

  • Executive Profiling.
  • Competitive Intelligence Gathering and Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Supply Chain/Supplier Indentification.
  • Internal Security.
  • Shareholder Sentiment.

indeed all the business of life, is to endeavour to find out what you don’t know from what you do.

Duke of Wellington

We provide information obtained through detailed, accurate, human intelligence and provides executives with the resources they need to make decisions. Our information gathering goes beyond general research. We identify, engage and build a complete picture of your areas of interest. Clients benefit from a detailed analysis which can include:

  • buying teams responsible for the projects
  • decision makers, signatories and influencers.

Where possible we can arrange meetings and introductions with senior personnel (CEO, Chairman, influential shareholders).

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APM Digital generates business for clients. Our unique, knowledge based information gathering campaigns open meaningful dialogue with decision makers. We deliver qualified opportunities and set appointments for your field sales teams.

Why we are different:

  • 1. In house MBA qualified sales professionals
  • 2. Large and responsive database of decision makers in several market verticals
  • 3. Over 10 years of B2B marketing experience
  • 4. Systems that automate and co-ordinate lead generation
  • 5. Prestigious and happy long term clients

Services Include:

  • a. Commercial Intelligence
  • b. Key Account Intelligence
  • c. Market Intelligence