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Don’t Lose Business

Businesses spend millions of pounds each year generating opportunities they do not follow up.

In most cases organisations have efficient, effective marketing departments and well trained, skillful sales professionals. But the problem is co-ordination. Read the rest of this entry »

Winning New Business

Last week we promised we would show you how digital marketing can help you compete for and win new business. The following article is the result of over ten years experience, thousands of successful client campaigns (and quite a few successful campaigns of our own). It should help you design and execute your own revenue generating activity.

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Mindshare equals Marketshare

Winning mindshare is vitally important. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies invest significant sums of money on promotion and advertising. Read the rest of this entry »

PFIKS Winning in Government Case Study

Securing government business can be very rewarding; contract values are large and payment is guaranteed. But these riches are not easily surrendered. Existing suppliers guard their relationships carefully; the size and complexity of departments make identifying decision makers demanding, political sensitivities need to be recognised and managed. Winning government business takes careful planning, detailed knowledge and time.

PFIKS’ collaboration suite (Intelligus) was being piloted by a senior project director in BERR (formally the DTI). It significantly improved business process. Projects were completed in a fraction of their traditional time. However, little was known about the system. To win more business, PFIKS needed to inform and educate all BERR project managers. They also needed to identify key decision makers and influencers.

APM Digital’s experience in key account campaigning was crucial to PFIKS success. We designed a multi-part integrated digital campaign which positioned PFIKS as a thought leader. Creating the main messages was only part of the answer. Our copywriters produced white papers, case studies, fact sheets and business case calculators in ‘government speak’. We segmented our extensive opt-in public sector database to target project managers and suspected decision makers in BERR. Viral elements of the email campaign uncovered other influencers in the department.

Within three weeks PFIKS the campaign had delivered several successes: sales professionals were catapulted over ‘gatekeepers’ and into meetings with major decision makers, further business was secured and the department is currently considering rolling out PFIKS’ Intelligus system to all project managers.

“We are delighted with the results, Intelligus is now well known and its benefits understood by the department. The APM Digital campaign delivered in a matter of weeks what would have taken us over 12 months to achieve.”
Paul Thompson (CEO PFIKS)

APM Digital generates business for clients. Our unique, knowledge based information gathering campaigns open meaningful dialogue with decision makers. We deliver qualified opportunities and set appointments for your field sales teams.

Why we are different:

  • 1. In house MBA qualified sales professionals
  • 2. Large and responsive database of decision makers in several market verticals
  • 3. Over 10 years of B2B marketing experience
  • 4. Systems that automate and co-ordinate lead generation
  • 5. Prestigious and happy long term clients

Services Include:

  • a. Commercial Intelligence
  • b. Key Account Intelligence
  • c. Market Intelligence